Take your Automated SPE results to new levels with the Reeko Automated Platforms from KRSS:

  • No caps required for the SPE cartridge results in lower cost per sample
  • Takes different cartridge sizes - 1,3, 6 and 12ml
  • New technology provides more accurate flow-rates through the cartridge
  • Increase reliability/up-time and lower maintenance costs by design (no bending needles or XYZ design)
  • User Friendly Interface
  • WIFI control allowing remote access - no need for the PC to be next to the instrument (control from your desk)

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Fotector Plus is idea for laboratories handling large quantity of samples requiring a fully automated systems for sample preparation . The resulting extracted, purified, and concentrated extracts can be injected directly into gas/liquid chromatography, or mass spectrometer for trace organic, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, and food additives analyses. Fotector Plus is capable of running 48 or more samples continuously without any human intervention.

Features and Advantages

6 channels simultaneously for condition, Loading, rinse,dry and elution.

Using six high-precision syringe pumps
Accurate control of the liquid flow rate in each step with high accuracy and high reproducibility.

Unique column plunger seal technology
The plunger operates close to the SPE column packing. Therefore the liquid flow rate setting is always the same as the actual liquid flow through the SPE column, this helps to avoid the solvent becoming mixed, and ensuring recovery of the sample and reproducibility.

Can be used with various sizes of SPE column
1mL, 3mL, 6mL, 12mL extraction columns from a variety manufacturers can be used to meet your application requirements.

Optional sample tubes for a variety of specifications
20mL, 80mL etc.

Optional collect tubes for a variety of specifications
15mL, 60mL etc.

Column with a string function
Purification meets the requirements of complex sample matrix.


Fotector Plus is suited to food, beverage, blood, urine, soil, and water samples. The system can also be used to prepare pharmaceutical and biological tissue samples, as well as for samples analyzed for regulatory inspection and compliance analysis for legal purposes.


No. Channels 6 (expandable to 32) upto 5 x 6 Channel Systems and 1 x 2 Channel Systems Connected
Column Size 1ml, 3ml, 6ml, 12ml, 20ml
Sample/Collection Racks 20-80ml for Sample/15-60ml for Collection/Customisable
Solvents 8
Motion Fixed position needle, sample/collection/extraction racks move independently and simultaniously
Column Seal Unique Column Plunger
Syringe Pump 10ml
Pump Speed 1-100ml/min
Loading Speed 1-100ml/min
Waste 3
Column String Function Yes
Auto Immuno Affinity Function Yes
Large Volumne Function Yes
Interface WIFI






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